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About Us

Phoenix Eye is a female led film and media production company proudly based in Western Sydney.  Our company is in residence with the support of PYT Fairfield at the Fairfield School of Arts. 

We are women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds who have art practices spanning across film, photography, digital storytelling and performance.


With keen eyes for detail and paramount passion, Phoenix Eye can seamlessly transform simple ideas into vibrant and immersive videos and community and artistic showcases. 


Our Team

Maria Tran


Maria Tran has been in the film industry for the past 10 years as director, producer and founder and CEO of Phoenix Eye. She holds a Bachelor of Psychology, Western Sydney University and is known for developing the martial arts action film genre in Australia via the Asian diaspora communities of Western Sydney through her shorts such as Hit Girls, Gaffa, Enter The Dojo; her contributions on Australian television; Maximum Choppage and movies outside of Australia; Roger Corman's Fist of the Dragon, Death Mist and Vietnamese action blockbuster Tracer. During her time at Phoenix Eye, Maria has been commissioned to deliver over 12 documentaries, branded video content and serve as a cutting edge role as film director & producer.


Therese Chen

Therese has a Certificate IV in Screen and Media and a Diploma of
VisualArts - Production Art Department and since becoming a part of the Phoenix Eye collective in 2017, she has become a key creative, utilising a keen eye for storytelling through editing and sound design. Therese has developed and implemented projects such as Penrith City Council’s “Digital Time Capture”, “Little Baghdad Project” . She was the main editor for art projects such as “All Girls Electronic”; a music project for young women, trans and non-binary women, “Creative Lives”; a 2 part series on local outstanding women and “Club Weld”; a collaboration project between musicians living with a disability. 

Nancy Trieu


Nancy Trieu is an art director and photographer with a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communications) Honours at WSU. Having two major exhibitions under her - 'Virtuous Decadence' at GAFFA Gallery and 'The Making of An Empress' + 'Parlez-vous Absinthe?' at the Barometer Gallery Paddington. She has an eye for detail in anything visual and is involved in various documentaries, branded videos and variety TV series Yelloh TV. Her concepts and story telling visuals are aesthetically pleasing yet delve into the ideas of complex human emotions in relation to our social conditions and our inner-selves. Her work enables a range of different identifications and distinctive visual subtleties.





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