It is an online training pathway for people from culturally diverse backgrounds to access creative acting practices and performance. 


The first inception course is 'The Art of Presence' and it is an online 8 week course for student participants coming from all over Australia and internationally who want to give acting a try, particularly tapping into mindfulness, breathe work and relaxation practices.  At the end of the course  you will receive a 3 part monologue acting reel, a series of character headshots, a behind-the-scenes progress video and assistance in landing your first agent representation and support for your first acting gig.


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AFM began in April 2020 at the beginning of COVID Australian lockdowns saw many people indoors.

For Maria & Takashi, their teaching styles and inclusive workshop facilitation saw them working across NGOs such as NSW Refugee Health, Diversity Arts Australia, Fairfield City Council, and others in delivering online workshops and a limited number of face-to-face. A theme emerged from this is that there is a notable gap amongst artists and individuals from culturally diverse backgrounds in soft skills such as creativity, innovative thinking, speaking, presentation and emotional intelligence.

Maria and Takashi created a pilot 8 week session that included over a dozen of participants completing the program with profound and measurable results from higher levels of confidence, self esteem and communication skills, to gaining promotions &/or getting new employment. Every one graduated with a series of headshots and monologues that either landed them acting agents and/ or get auditions for roles and half was successful in landing roles on mainstream TV.

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