• Sahar Pournazari

8 Reasons Why Videos Are the Future

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Written by Sahar Pournazari

Let’s face it, we spend more time consuming the vast world of digital media than we do working on our jobs, and recent studies have shown that people would rather watch a video than read text even when both are available. As of 2019, online videos have dominated the World Wide Web by a significant 80%.

Whether we’re looking to learn or just pass some time, video content is the most effective tool to grab our attention, and more importantly, keep it longer than our decreasing attention span of eight seconds, (we scored lower than goldfish, which have nine).

Without further ado, here are eight reasons why videos will be your best friend in the world of marketing today:

  1. Products and services are 64-85% more likely to be purchased by consumers after watching a video representation. By introducing what’s on offer, buyers can establish a personal connection of reliability and trust with brands and businesses.

  2. In today’s media driven culture, we are over-stimulated by the amount of content thrown at us in every direction – push notifications, recommended content, status posts – and can be difficult to hone in on a singular piece of information. Videos can be visually pleasing to the eyes and ears, resulting in a quick and clear communication of a product or service.

  3. Video content has proven to engage more consumer attention than any other medium. Audiences are 10 times more likely to like, embed, share, and comment on videos compared to blogs or social posts.

  4. Video-favoured technology is rising in production due to increasing video consumption habits of people. As technology continues to advance, so must the practices of businesses to suit consumer demands and attention spans.

  5. Performance measurement is important for any content production process. Videos allow the measurements of what works and what doesn’t through video metrics and statistics such as views, click-through rates, drop-off points, likes, dislikes, etc.

  6. Evoking emotion in marketing has proven to be a powerful way to positively impact consumer decision making. Videos can portray attributes beyond what traditional content can achieve such as tone of voice, face expressions, music, and more.

  7. Convenience is key to gaining success. Video marketing not only provides efficiency for the consumer’s time, but it also provides content producers with an easy solution for production processes and a conveniently shareable medium to audiences through online platforms.

  8. Video content out performs any other marketing content when it comes to customer conversion rates. It also boosts consumer confidence and faith with their purchase, which ultimately leads to building more credibility for a company’s website and products.

In conclusion, not only does video marketing allow a way to engage audiences quickly and effectively, it can give you the opportunity to explore your creative possibilities. There are many tools, such as apps and free editing programmes, available at your disposal to whip up a short but memorable content that will get your viewers talking.